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Thercam Solutions


TherCam offers various non-contact, real-time, continuous temperature measurement instruments for detecting the temperature change of hazardous waste disposal equipment. Combined with our software, our clients use our IR cameras for fault detection, industrial process control, and equipment maintenance.

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Fire Rescue

Whether someone is stranded in the cold of the wilderness or trapped in a structure fire, TherCam’s thermal vision technology is built to save lives. Through smoke and fire or fog and rainfall, our solutions can track heat signatures clearly and effectively, even in the harshest of conditions.

Equip your team of first responders (EMS, police, fire) with high-performance cameras they can depend on.

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Electric and Power

When it comes to electric and power applications, TherCam offers a robust suite of electrical and mechanical inspection and building inspection solutions. With our thermal cameras, inspectors can survey high-voltage, hazardous targets safely and quickly and diagnose facility failures.

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coal contrayor

Coal Mine

Keep your team safe in any environment with the help of TherCam's go-to thermal video camera options. When you need to monitor equipment in complete darkness and ensure full situational awareness and perimeter protection, rely on TherCam.

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When you need a non-contact, real-time, continuous temperature measurement instrument for detecting the temperature change of petrochemical industrial equipment, go with TherCam. In conjunction with our best-in-class software, our clients regularly use our solutions to monitor for process control, fault detection, and equipment failure. With TherCam's solutions, you can keep your team, environment, and resources safe.

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Robots and Drones

TherCam offers IR camera solutions for screening for elevated skin temperatures. These highly configurable sensor devices provide accurate, non-contact temperature monitoring. Minimize the spread of infection and disease with dependable IR cameras from TherCam.

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