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Food Manufacturing

Four Ways Food Manufacturers are Integrating Thermal Imaging into Their Processes

If you’re curious about how food manufacturers use thermal imaging cameras (TICs), this piece may just satiate your curiosity. In it, TherCam, a global supplier of thermal solutions, looks into four ways companies use thermal imaging to monitor equipment and ensure process control and quality assurance.


Using Thermal Imaging Cameras to Preemptively Detect Landfill Fires

If you’re curious about how you can use TICs to minimize the risk in your waste management facility, this post is critical. In it, TherCam discusses the causes of landfill fires, the benefits of using TICs to detect hotspots, and the growing landscape of waste disposal.

men hunting in the brush v2

How Thermal Cameras Can Aid in Hunting

High-quality trail cameras and thermal imaging devices offer better scouting abilities, improved safety, and can aid in finding downed or wounded game.


The Key Function of Thermal Camera Cores

Thermal camera cores are compact, integrative, lightweight components beneficial for civil, industrial, and military equipment manufacturers.

Thermal imaging and covid

Online and Offline Detection: Finding the Right Thermal Camera for Your Needs

With both online and offline detection modes, thermal cameras are valuable tools in nearly every industry.

senior businessman taking notes while inspecting workers who are working machine factory warehouse v2

Thermal Cameras as a Tool for Building Inspections

Thermal imaging cameras can see inside the spaces you can’t, helping detect possible issues in a building before they become full-fledged problems during an inspection.

electrical technician at work

Thermal Cameras for Power Industry

Electrical power stations can use thermal imaging cameras to ensure reliable transmission and prevent blackouts, fires, and other damaging problems.

Mechanic Diagnosing Car Problem

8 Vehicle Issues Automotive Technicians Detect with Thermal Cameras

You can uncover a myriad of problems with the right tools. TherCam looks at eight common vehicle issues technicians can detect using thermal cameras.


Using Thermal Cameras To Find Hidden Home and Property Issues

To help you learn more about the everyday application of thermal cameras, TherCam, a leading manufacturer of thermal imaging cameras, looks at how people can use these devices to investigate and solve a multitude of issues.

woman checking body temperature with thermal camera v2

Thermal Imaging for Fever Detection

In this post, TherCam, a leader in infrared imaging and detection, explores the practical uses of thermal imaging for fever detection and how to leverage it to keep our communities safe.

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