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Infrared Camera for SF6 Gas Leakage Detection

Model: SV-HS6D

The TherCam SV-HS6D Infrared Camera for SF6 Gas Leakage Detection is essential for optical gas imaging. The SV-HS6D gas leak detection camera visualizes sulfur hexafluoride (SF6) and other gas emissions. With its ergonomic and portable design, it’s also perfect for detecting leaks in hard to examine areas.

Keep productivity high and operations running smoothly while pinpointing where your SF6 leak is coming from without shutting down equipment!

Key Features

Efficient and Precise
A Quantum well-infrared detector, with a center wavelength of 10.55um, perfectly matches the absorption peak of SF6 gas, making it easy to observe the tiny leakage of SF6 gas.

Gas Visualization
Visualize invisible toxic gases, quickly identify and locate the source of VOCs leakage.

Long-Distance Screening
Non-contact, long-distance rapid scanning of large areas to meet the detection of dangerous places to ensure the safety of inspection personnel.

Temperature and Leak Detection Two-in-One
Combined with clear infrared images, it can visually check gas leaks while realizing precise temperature detection.

Smart and Portable
Small size, easy to carry, sturdy and durable, and ergonomic design; multiple shortcut buttons are designed to facilitate quick operation by operators.

Imaging Performance
Detector Type Focal plane array cooled QWIP
Detector Resolution 640 × 480
Spectral Range 9.1~11μm,CWL 10.55μm
Detector Pitch 15μm
Lens 35mm
IFOV 0.43mrad
FOV 15.7° × 12.6°
NETD < 15mK(@25°C,F#=1.0)
Focus Manual
Image Frequency 50HZ
Optical Performance
Resolution 5 Mega Pixle,CMOS
Focus Automatic Focus
Fill-in light High power double fill light lamp
Laser Lamp Level two,1mW/635nm RED
Image Display
Display Screen 5.7” LCD Highlight Display Screen
Power Detection Real-time battery power display, low battery prompt alarm
OSD  Date/Time, Language, Temperature unit
View Finder 0.44” Color,Resolution 640*480
Power Detection Real-time battery power display, low battery prompt alarm
Color Palettes White-hot, black hot, iron red, etc
Image Enhancement Digital image enhancement, Noise reduction filter
Image Zoom X1/X2/X4
Image Adjustment Automatic/manual image contrast and brightness adjustment
Temperature measurement performance
Accuracy ±2℃ or ±2% of the reading
Range -20°C~350°C
Emissivity Correction 0.01-1 can be set
High-temperature alarm High-temperature abnormal alarm
Temperature measurement model Point, line, and frame temperature measurement, 10 temperature measurement points, five regions, and lines at the same time. Isothermal analysis, temperature difference measurement
Background Temperature Correction Yes
Transmittance Correction Target distance, temperature, and humidity can be set
Connections & Communications
Data USB 2.0
Storage MMC Memory Card (32GB MAX)
Video Output HDMI
Environmental Parameter
Encapsulation IP54
Operating Temperature -20°C~+40°C
Operating Humidity 0-95%
Storage Temperature -40°C~80°C
Power Supply DC212V/3A
Charge Mode Charger or DC charge
Battery Type 44Wh SONY Li-ion battery
Battery life >2h at 25°C ambient temperature and typical use
Product Specification
Power Consumption 3.6W
Size (L x W x H) 345×195×190 mm
Weight ≤3Kg(incl battery)